prices from £7,200


The Seta, weighing in at 700 g , is the latest and most advanced frame Sarto has ever produced. It features brand new tube designs, starting from the flat shape of the top tube to the ultra thin chain stays. The Seta is made of the best and stiffest carbon the market has to offer. This type of high modulus carbon fibre ensures great compressive and tensile strength.



prices from £7,000


Awarded by “Tour” magazine as one of the best frames in the world for the incredible light weight, stiffness and comfort, the ASOLA represents the ultimate expression of frame building by Sarto. After years of experience, countless hours of testing and hundreds of materials characterizations, Sarto has succeeded in making a superb carbon frame. It is characterized by a sober and essential design: round straight tubes, ultra-thin seat and chain stays, miniaturized dropouts. It has has been specifically designed for riders looking for the perfect Italian bike.



prices from £6,800


Born from the need to satisfy the requirements of the fastest and most powerful cyclists, the Lampo is the custom carbon frame by Sarto Srl, bestr combines aerodynamic features with stiffness into a unique bicycle. Through careful CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) analysis, every profile of the tube set that forms the Lampo has been optimized from the aerodynamic point of view. The down tube that integrates the fork, ISOFLOW seat stays, internal cable routing, seat tube with Kamm tail aero profile are just some of the most striking aspects resulting from aerodynamic studies. In addition to these peculiar characteristics that identify the Lampo, the high stiffness of the frame enhanced by the integrated oversized seat tube minimizes the energy dissipation. The right balance between aerodynamics and stiffness makes the Lampo the ideal frame for an aero road race bike.



prices from £6,800


Dinamica is the perfectly balanced frame for the Criterium/Road/Gran Fondo rider. The special shaped seat-and chain-stays offer maximum lateral stiffness and power transfer, without sacrificing vertical compliance; the oversized down-tube provides stiffness, handling and in combination with the tapered head-tube, the “frame-balance” is complete.


Veneto SL

prices from £6,100


The Sarto Veneto SL is a great frame from the stiffness to weight ratio point of view. Ideal for the Gran Fondo races where the climbs dominate; powerful, secure and reliable, the Veneto SL will not disappoint. Built with high-modulus carbon fibers and enhanced by the clean lines of the round section tubes.