Lynskey R460

prices from GBP 5,300


The R460 is the stiffest and strongest road bike hand built with 6AL/4V Titanium Aerospace Grade Titanium. This Bike is for the rider that wants the stiffest and most agressive titanium bike possible.


Lynskey Helix Pro

prices from GBP 5,000


The Helix Pro frame is a titanium marvel harmonizing strength, speed, weight and good looks. The 6/4 super tube increases strength and front end stiffness, resulting in insanely quick and agile handling.


Lynskey R360

prices from GBP 4,700


The R360 is a race-inspired frame for the weekend racer or aggressive club rider, and this model sports over-sized, square-shaped down tube to resist flexing, resulting in a stable ride feel. By now adding the new super stiff 6AL/4V triangular top tube, the R360 becomes a traditional looking but high performing racing steed. At the rear of the frame, we've incorporated Helix-shaped seat stays for an added performance boost. Lynskey pioneered Helix shaping over four years ago to resist vertical flexing without adding weight.


Lynskey HELIX Sport

prices from GBP 4,500


The Helix Sport is the original Helix design. The Helix frame possesses maximum stiffness and power transfer. The seatstays resist vertical forces enhancing it's sprinting and climbing capabilities. The competitive geometry allows for an aggressive position, excellent stability and precise handling.


Lynskey R240

prices from GBP 4,200


The most popular Lynskey is the R240. Known for its all day comfort in the saddle with a tubeset that allows for great responsiveness, this model has been kept the same for the most part for 2016. The change for 2016 was going to 415mm chainstays allowing for a massive 28c tire. The pro level tapered and integrated head tube are kept, which now allows even more front end stability and stiffness.


Lynskey R265

prices from GBP 4,200


The R265 is for the rider looking for a more classic road bike. Relaxed geometry for long days in the saddle, elegantly designed simple round tubeset adds to the traditional look and feel. This bike is responsive, compliant, and rides with silky smoothness, all the while remaining laterally stiff. The R265 is sure to keep you riding with a smile no matter the distance


Lynskey R150

prices from GBP 3,900


The R150 provides real-world affordability and is steeped in three decades of high performance titanium bike building heritage by the Lynskey Family. Responsive, quick, nimble, but buttery smooth for your epic solo adventures out on the road or your weekend group century ride.


Lynskey Sportive

prices from GBP 4,200


The Lynskey Sportive is the perfect choice for medium to long distance endurance events. Made with curved seatstays for added comfort and a semi-relaxed geometry, the Sportive is a well-balanced and reliable machine for long days, rough roads, commutes and touring.