prices from 6,800 GBP


The Epoca R60 frame is constructed from tubes with a unique mix of layers of carbon and added Kevlar, using the very best carbon money can buy, the result is a frame which offers the absolute maximum in performance.



prices from 6,500 GBP


The R50 is an all round performance masterpiece. But it also handles as if it was on rails - although it has supreme high speed stability, even the slightest change in rider balance and the bike responds with assurance and confidence.



prices from 6,300 GBP


The R30 is Epoca's most versatile frame - it excels on the flat, in the mountains and over rolling hills. The R30 can be built as a feather-light climber’s bike or a strong and powerful sprinters bike, all of this uniquely possible thanks to the custom tube manufacturing and custom handmade joints